VMLogix @ StarEAST 2008

Posted by Sameer Dholakia, CEO, VMLogix Inc.

We attended a terrific, QA-focused event – called StarEAST — last week in Orlando, Florida. And while that cross-country journey from Silicon Valley is never easy, we’re really glad we went!

QA and Test Professionals are core advocates and beneficiaries of our Virtual Lab Automation technology, so it was great to talk with dozens of them about how they are leveraging (or planning to leverage) virtualization in their software quality management process. We at VMLogix believe that virtualization holds the promise to fundamentally reinvent many of the steps in the Application or Software Development Lifecycle. And after many great conversations and breakout sessions, it was clear to me that we are getting lots more people to line up with our perspective.

A few interesting tidbits from the show:

  • There is clear interest in applying virtualization to the Quality Management process. Brad Johnson from Borland Software presented his talk, entitled, Optimize Your Testing with Virtual Test Lab Automation to a room full of QA professionals. Brad reviewed the business impact/benefit Borland achieved by centralizing and virtualizing its own Testing Center of Excellence. It was a compelling story and certainly got people’s attention.
  • A start-up competitor in Virtual Labs was also at the show, and it was interesting to gauge the reaction. Their offering is a purely hosted, SaaS-based model, where the Test Lab is in the Cloud. We had a number of customers stop by our booth after visiting with them and ask us whether we were similarly hosted or onsite. A surprising number were relieved that we were a downloadable, on-premise software solution. But there were a couple that were interested in it, and we think there is merit to the idea – we just question the timeframe for adoption. But we certainly plan to keep a close eye on customer demand and will create a hosted offering if that’s what the market desires.
  • There continues to be a challenge in getting QA and IT Operations on the same page. Some of the QA folks we spoke with were, at first, unclear how or why they would be involved in a virtualization conversation. They naturally deferred anything infrastructure-related to IT Operations. But after a brief conversation with us, and a better understanding of how virtualization would make *their* lives easier (no more waiting on IT provisioning, self-service access to their own lab environment, etc.), they quick grasped why they needed to be engaged. We hope further market education and evangelism will bring both of these groups to the table at the same time to collaborate on how to use the game-changing virtualization technology to their mutual benefit.

If you visited with us at the show and haven’t heard from us yet (and would like to!), please send me an email (sameer @ vmlogix.com) or visit/register for our VMLogix Virtual Portal. You will find resources to learn about virtual lab automation as a technology and the LabManager product in particular.

We would love to learn more about your QA processes and challenges and see how we can apply our VMLogix LabManager to create value for your team.

And on a more fun note, we had a drawing for a brand new iPhone for a lucky winner!

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