VMLogix Virtual Portal

Are you confused about the myriad of software surrounding virtualization as a technology? VMware has a three layer vision with a host of products (it is quite likely that they will have many different competitors in each of the layers offering their own set of products – making things that much more interesting!) and virtualization.info maintains a virtualization industry radar that is quite up to date. In addition, VMware recently made a series of announcements around Lab Manager, Stage Manager, Site Recovery Manager and Lifecycle Manager. Our guess is that for most people getting familiar with virtualization and its applicability for them, it is an uphill task understanding the product offerings from each vendor.

To make life easier for software developers, testers and IT operations staff who would benefit from virtual lab automation, we released the VMLogix Virtual Portal a couple of weeks back (will need you to register for a login). This is a resource of whitepapers, technology videos, product screencasts, product feature videos etc. that you can access to understand virtual lab automation as a technology and specifically VMLogix LabManager as a product. You can also request for a free evaluation of the product which will give you access to the portal as well.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the self education content available on the site. If you think additional material around specific use cases would help you make a better judgement around Virtual Lab Automation, do drop us a comment!

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