AnthillPro integrates with VMware Lab Manager

Yesterday I came across this post which mentions AnthillPro’s integration with VMware Lab Manager. AnthillPro3 makes a claim as the industry first Application Lifecycle Automation Server. Integrations available with AnthillPro3 are listed here. Sometime back, Electric Cloud announced an integration of their build and release management tool Electric Commander with VMware Lab Manager.

It re-enforces the need for software engineering & application development teams working with various tools (source control, build management systems, test automation tools etc.) to have access and an integration available with virtual lab automation tools, such as VMware Lab Manager, Surgient VQMS and VMLogix LabManager. These integrations with VLA products improve the effectiveness of source control/build/test automation tools – resulting in improved resource utilization and reduced administration overhead. You can read more about VMLogix’s integration with IBM Rational BuildForge and VMLogix LabManager integration with IBM Rational ClearQuest.

Are there specific tools that you use during your software build, test, configuration and release management processes (in your functional and UAT, and pre-production stages)? Drop us a comment if you would find integrations of a virtual lab automation solution useful with your favorite software engineering tools.

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  1. […] for testing quite easily, including the plumbing between these virtual machines. You can even benefit from external integrations of virtual lab automation products. Now, isn’t that […]

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