What you need to test drive VMLogix LabManager

Like I’ve mentioned previously, virtual lab automation can dramatically help increase your productivity and help you drive better mileage from your test labs. While the VMLogix Virtual Portal has several product movies and tutorials that walk you through various product features and functionality, this post is about the hardware & software you need to get a feel for VMLogix LabManager first hand.

Here is what you will need to test drive LabManager:

  • A single host machine that can run virtualization software (like VMware ESX, Citrix XenServer or VMware Server). It is recommended that you have 250GB free space on the host and 4GB memory available on the machine – this will be useful when you create virtual machine templates, multi-machine configurations, deploy the configurations as jobs, capture movies of the job execution and so on.
  • Access to Windows Server 2003 – you can create a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine, install LabManager into the virtual machine and place the LabManager VM on the above host machine.
  • A client workstation with a web browser – like IE 6 or higher

You should also read a post on our product FAQs page. Our experience is that it should take around 7-10 hours to get setup with the LabManager and experience the power of LabManager – including LabManager installation, setup, creating machine templates, software packages, automation, user management configuration etc. Isn’t that a very brief time to invest to get substantial returns in terms of the LabManager benefits to you?

You can go to VMLogix website to register for a 30 day free trial evaluation now. If you need any clarifications, drop me a note.

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4 Responses to What you need to test drive VMLogix LabManager

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  2. ss says:

    i had sign in, but i cannot download anything from that site. i’m interresting to try vmlogix …
    http://www.vmlogix.com/Free-Trial-Registration/ in that site i had fill all the blanked .. why i cannot download anything?


    • vmlogix says:

      Thank you for your note. When you completed the form, you would have received an email with instructions on how to download the product along with your evaluation license. If you have not received it, or are having problems accessing the link, do drop me a note. Thanks!

      Srihari Palangala

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