Agility and Virtual storage

I came across this post on Dan Kusnetzky’s blog today. It is an interesting post and specifically a couple of lines in the post caught my attention – “After all, if those systems became unavailable, the storage they managed would become unavailable as well. In my view, it would be very wise to “cut storage free” of specific systems for the same reasons an organization would present for making processing agile.”

From what I’ve gathered of the post – Dan is referring to the de-coupling of storage from virtual host systems. If my understanding is correct – then there is a clarification to be made.

VMLogix LabManager allows flexible mapping of storage to host systems. Local as well as network storage systems are supported on hosts. Multiple hosts can be mapped to use the same network storage and vice versa, multiple network storages can be mapped to a single host. This should address the specific point made above – if a host is un-available, then other host machines mapped to the storage can be used to access files on the storage system. Like it is mentioned in his post, this is cutting-free storage from host systems.

I don’t know about the other products that he mentions in the post – but it is likely that they provide some flexibility of this sort as well.

If I’ve mis-understood what he has mentioned in the post, I’d love to hear you correct me on it.

– Srihari Palangala

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