Virtual Lab Automation Product Integrations

The following product integrations are available with some of the leading test lab automation solutions in the market:

VMware Lab Manager:

  • HP Quality Center
  • Borland Silk Central Test Manager
  • Anthill Pro
  • Electric Commander

Surgient VQMS:

  • HP Quality Center, includes a Surgient available plug-in for HP Quality Center

VMLogix LabManager:

  • Source control:: IBM Rational Clearcase, CVS and Subversion
  • Build:: IBM Rational BuildForge, Ant and Maven
  • Test:: IBM Rational Clearquest Test Manager, HP Quality Center

All products offer an API that can be used for external programmatic control of the application and specific controls.

– Srihari Palangala

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2 Responses to Virtual Lab Automation Product Integrations

  1. […] are VMLogix LabManager, VMware Lab Manager and Surgient’s VQMS. Each of these solutions have integrations with powerful source control, build and test management tools as well. Among these, VMLogix LabManager is the only VLA solution that supports all leading hypervisors […]

  2. […] software quality — VMLogix LabManager provides powerful third party ALM tool integrations which combined with the guest VM automation capabilities helps dramatically improve the test matrix […]

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