Virtual Lab Automation – Who are the many users?

Traditionally IT labs have been physical machines and other lab infrastructure that have been managed by a single or group of IT administrators. Virtual lab automation changes the game for IT labs – it allows IT admins to create a lab setup where end users self-serve from a central virtual machine repository – based on groups/policies/quotas etc. that IT admins setup & control. IT managers/admins are then able to focus on other ‘non-mundane’ aspects like improving lab resource utilization, evaluating emerging technologies that further help align IT with business and in evangelizing the lab to a larger base of customers.

Speaking of a larger base of “customers” for IT labs if you are an SMB/ISV/Enterprise, as an IT admin, you should be able to extend your lab to make it relevant to the following internal groups with VLA::

  • Software/product support:: VLA will enable your users to self-serve customer setups easily that can be used to troubleshoot/replicate your customer issues.
  • Software/product training:: Your internal trainers/training apps can leverage VLA to create environments for various hands-on labs.
  • Consolidating software QA across multiple groups (in potentially varied geographic locations):: VLA enables you to centralize and manage your lab resources; with it you can bring multiple QA groups together to use the same set of lab resources

What are other new customer bases that you think you could make the lab relevant to following a VLA deployment?

– Srihari Palangala

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