What are IT Test Lab Managers Responsible for?

I looked up Google for people’s expectations and job description of an IT Test Lab Manager. Here are a couple of sources I found:

  • Microsoft TechNet – Has a good description on the job expectations of a Test Lab Manager. It is a dated article (2003) – however, I do believe that if you have not invested in a virtual lab automation solution like VMLogix LabManager, a lot of what is listed on the site might still be very true.
  • This job post on Yahoo requires a test lab manager/technician to handle — configuration & access control, scheduling lab use, audit trails, configuration & administration of test lab servers etc.
  • Another job posting for a test lab manager – describes both strategic and tactical job expectations.

If I were to summarize the expectations, I would put them in two buckets —

  • IT Lab planning (e.g., Evaluate and recommend changes & plan the lab to meet organization needs, Plan Budget and costs, Lay down policies & procedures, Working with cross functional teams for lab planning – product management, marketing, support etc.)
  • IT Lab Operations (Lab scheduling, Writing test plans, Performing tests, Lab maintenance, Lab documentation, Audit trails, Inventory control, Capacity planning, Configurations and updates on hardware/software, Physical security, Backups, Incident tracking, Access control, etc.)

Most of the IT Lab Operations tasks listed above can be handled by good test lab automation products (freeing up your lab manager’s time to focus on higher value tasks).

Are there other tasks that you find a test/IT lab manager should be responsible for?

I’d encourage you to take a look at VMLogix LabManager and request a product evaluation if you are interested in drastically cutting down time spent on your lab operations (like those mentioned above).

Srihari Palangala

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