Can Virtual Lab Automation help you treat VMs like Physical Machines?

I came across

  • One of the concerns raised is running operations on VMs concurrently (with VMs that are hosted on the same server). With a virtual lab automation solution like VMLogix LabManager, users can leverage automation capabilities to execute scripts/demand scans/commands/re-booting of machines, installing of software etc. in an automated manner. Here is a screenshot of all the automation operations available in VMLogix LabManager. With the automation capability and the ability to schedule jobs on hosts, users can cascade/stagger operations with VMs. This helps control the load on physical hosts.
  • With a centralized VM management system user and team management is simplified — the lab administrator can control user/team access to lab resources (such as machine templates, configurations etc.). Users/teams can also share lab resources with appropriate permissions (view/edit/delete). This functionality helps in driving security and access control to lab resources. Here is a screenshot:
User and Team Management in LabManager

User and Team Management in LabManager

  • Performance monitoring – Again a centralized virtual lab management system helps track VM use of host resources (in addition to other performance monitoring capabilities). Here is a screenshot of VMLogix LabManager monitoring the hosts’ RAM utilization.
Reports in VMLogix LabManager

Reports in VMLogix LabManager

What do you think? Do these functions help you work with VMs providing a layer of management control as you transition from working with physical to virtual machines?

If you would like to learn more, register for a free evaluation of VMLogix LabManager.

– Srihari Palangala (

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