Some comments on testing in virtual environments

This post talks about load and performance software testing in a virtual environment. The post also includes a presentation on the topic.

Microsoft and VMware are actively pushing use of virtualization in the data center. For instance, sometime back Microsoft posted that they were dog-fooding Hyper-V for hosting the MSDN and TechNet portals. As server virtualization is adopted in the production center, any lingering concerns around conducting specific performance testing in a virtual environment will be moot! In fact, the same virtual test setup will be used in your production environment!

Speaking of virtual test setups, the presentation talks about testers assessing system performance in not very production-like environments. This is one reason why I lay emphasis on virtual lab automation solutions like VMLogix LabManager. I have written sometime back on what VLA offers over and above a hypervisor. VLA solutions have network fencing, networking, automation and a host of other capabilities that help testers do their job in production like environments.

The presentation also mentions that the team puts in lots of overtime to fix the defects (for testing in a virtual world). With a VLA solution (i.e., when you’ve formalized virtualization as a technology tool to use in your software engineering cycle), users can dramatically reduce the costs associated with manual IT provisioning and bug reproduction.

– Srihari Palangala

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