Managing virtual machine sprawl across hypervisors

Lets face it – there are many hypervisors available in the market today – some free, others not. Most of the big players have long realized the value of the platform play in the technology industry and are offering their own version of the hypervisor.

So how does this plethora of hypervisors play out for users in a test lab? I came across this post from Norbert Kiesel. Sounds like he is about to give up because of the problem of VM sprawl further compounded by the fact that he has to deal with multiple hypervisors.

Does this situation resonate with where you are headed in your test labs? Or worse still is this where you are currently? Do let us know how your situation is evolving and steps you’re taking to handle things.

From our perspective, we recognize the need for competition in the base platform and also the value of providing a hypervisor agnostic virtual lab management solution. VMLogix LabManager provides the comprehensive ability to manage a single or a mixed hypervisor (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware) VM lab farm.

– Srihari Palangala

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