Notes from a couple of conferences – VMworld and Business Technology Summit

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we were at VMworld 2008 last week. It was a good experience and the conference was very well organized. I’m sure it was a wonderful learning and immersion experience for the 14,000+ attendees! Here are my key takeaways from the conference (around the specific virtual lab management areas):

  • A good chunk of people were aware of virtual lab automation and its benefits and most of our conversations were around how the VMLogix LabManager product was different from the VMware Lab Manager product (this is always a much easier conversation to have than a ground up education on the technology and benefits)
  • Many people were excited about the fact that we support multiple hypervisors (Citrix, Microsoft and VMware) and that being hypervisor agnostic is a core proposition that we are committed to. Clearly a sign that people do not want to be locked in to any one vendor
  • Guest VM automation capabilities in VMLogix LabManager – and the ability to run operations in guest VMs (such as software installations, executing scripts, running test scripts, uploading logs, capturing a movie etc.) captured a lot of interest among the audience – especially among the software test professionals who stopped by our booth. A lot of people could immediately see how they would benefit from powerful functionality of this nature
  • We demo-ed the LabManager product to dozens of prospects and they were all excited about the simple and easy to use UI and workflows. In fact, we had a customer who had stopped by the booth who volunteered to do a couple of demos to the attendees at the booth! It was a neat moment and gave us a moment of rest as well! Thanks guys!
  • Last week we announced an expansion of the software test and development offerings with the introduction of VMLogix StageManager. You can find more details and sign up for the beta program here. We started seeing early signs of interest and people looking for solutions in this area as well.

As you might be aware, VMLogix is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has offices in Toronto, Canada and Bangalore, India. This conference got some of us from these locations together – gave us the opportunity for in person meetings and discussions.

Here are a couple of pictures at our booth:

Customers and prospects at the VMLogix booth

Customers and prospects at the VMLogix booth

Another picture of the VMLogix booth

Another picture of the VMLogix booth

The Business Technology Summit 2008

Today, Ravi and myself attended the Business Technology Summit 2008 in Bangalore. The conference attracted a good audience (a hall with a capacity of around 800 was almost full). Ravi delivered a session on “Virtualization & Software Engineering – Transform Your Lab as a Strategic Asset“. I also listened in on a couple of other sessions including the “Virtualization 360” by Ravi Sankar of Microsoft. It was a good high level overview session.

– Srihari Palangala

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