VMLogix LabManager and VMware Lab Manager

[Note Added on Sept 4, 2009: VMware has released their Lab Manager version 4.0 in July, 2009, where  they support and work with VMware vCenter Server 4.0 and vSphere 4.0. VMLogix has also recently released (at VMworld 2009) version 3.8 of the LabManager software. We will make some updates to the table shortly to reflect the latest releases. Thanks.]

One of most often questions we were asked at the recent VMworld conference (2008) was “how is VMLogix LabManager different from VMware Lab Manager” (no surprise there!).

VMLogix LabManager is an award winning enterprise/ISV solution that consolidates and automates lab infrastructure to deliver software applications quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

VMLogix LabManager provides all the leading functionality for virtual lab automation that is available in a competing product from VMware. However, in addition to matching functionality from VMware, VMLogix LabManager provides the following additional benefits (that are not available in VMware) that differentiate the product and make it a pioneer in the virtual lab automation arena. You can learn more about VMLogix by registering here or by making a request for a product evaluation. You can find a broader FAQ about the VMLogix LabManager product here.

[Updated Feb 24, 2009 – Virtualization.info posted about our strategic OEM agreement with Citrix. One of the comments on the post stated

a colleague of mine who played with both products said that the vmlogix solution is so much better than vmware’s

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Product Shootout: VMLogix LabManager and VMware Lab Manager

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2 Responses to VMLogix LabManager and VMware Lab Manager

  1. […] If you have not checked it out already – do read about how VMLogix LabManager compares with VMware’s Lab Manager. […]

  2. […] What the comparison table below tells me is that for every 2 proc. managed host, you need to spend at least $2000 more and at least $6000 more for vCenter Server across the entire deployment for a VMware virtual lab management solution. By the way, you may find this previous post interesting reading as well – how VMLogix LabManager compares with VMware Lab Manager. […]

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