How do you size your virtual test labs?

In the past I’ve written about and asked the question – “Does your software test lab have a champion?“. Typically, it is your lab champion who takes up (among other things) the case of sizing the lab. How many hosts do you need? The storage capacity required? How many users? etc.

Solutions like VMLogix LabManager rely on managing a set of virtual hosts that house your virtual lab environment. VMLogix LabManager provides centralized virtual lab operations (across many users and distributed teams) and drives efficiency , improves productivity and reduces your overall IT lab costs. Effective planning on this central lab setup will help users and administrators derive the most benefits.

As you move towards adopting virtualization in your physical pre-production and/or production environments, you will need to plan on capacity using appropriate tools. Companies like VMware, Microsoft, CiRBA, PlateSpin (now Novell) and Lanamark provide specialized tools (some even free, like the one from Microsoft) to help you in your capacity planning. Lanamark also provides assessment services – both a basic free and a premium paid option. Leverage these tools as you plan on virtualizing your servers (either pre-production or in production). [Update 12/5 – Here is an article on VMblog about proactive capacity planning written by Lanamark.]

Note that — once you install and use VMLogix LabManager in your lab environment, you can track resource (including virtual host) utilization – and can use this data to plan on future lab capacity upgrades (or downgrades).

– Srihari Palangala

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