VMLogix LabManager Beats VMware at the Awards

We have consistently believed in the best-in-class virtual lab management offering from VMLogix (we got the ServerWatch.com 2008 Product Excellence Award mid last year) – we’re thrilled that late last week the product received another industry recognition validating our belief.

LabManager 2008 Product of the Year (SearchServerVirtualization)

LabManager 2008 Product of the Year (SearchServerVirtualization)

We’re proud to announce that SearchServerVirtualization.com has announced the winners of its second annual Product of the Year awards – and VMLogix LabManager 3.6 has won the GOLD award. You can read the full article here. Here is a brief excerpt from that article:

Lab Management and Workflow Automation category
Of all the products nominated in the Virtual Lab Management category, on the market judges admired the breadth of hypervisor support offered by VMLogix LabManager 3.6, and gave it the Gold award. VMware vCenter Lab Manager 3.0 took home the Silver award, thanks to sophisticated management features that help quality assurance engineers rapidly build out test environments while conserving resources.

If you have not checked it out already – do read about how VMLogix LabManager compares with VMware’s Lab Manager.

If you are interested in trying out the VMLogix product – you can request for a free evaluation here.

– Srihari Palangala

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2 Responses to VMLogix LabManager Beats VMware at the Awards

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