Five Virtualization Best Practices that Can Transform Enterprise IT

June 24, 2009

You might want to read this article if you’re looking at adopting virtualization in your enterprise – Five Virtualization Best Practices that Can Transform Enterprise IT.

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VMLogix – Sun Cloud Lightning Talk

June 24, 2009

Here is a lightning talk that Jim Singh delivered at the Sun Cloud conference.

Watch the 5 minute talk here.

He talks about dev and test and virtual labs being a good use case for public cloud adoption – if you subscribe to that view as well, you should check out our new beta available now – LabManager – Cloud Edition on Amazon’s EC2.

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Virtual Lab Management over Private and Public Clouds

June 23, 2009

Learn about private clouds and the rationale for tapping into the public cloud for the “spike” demands (i.e., where you don’t plan and install capacity for the peak demand).

Get your free beta trial of LabManager-Cloud Edition for the Amazon public cloud. Alternatively, if you’re interested in running on-premise, get a free trial of our latest LabManager product.

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Unleash Amazon EC2 on Your Business Users through a Policy Governed Self Service Environment

June 22, 2009

Today is a very exciting day for us at VMLogix!

We’re thrilled to be announcing LabManager-Cloud Edition which takes our award winning virtual lab management capabilities to the public cloud. LabManager-Cloud Edition allows users to leverage Amazon Web Services (Amazon EC2 and S3) compute and storage for your virtual lab infrastructure requirements. You now have a true pay as you go virtual lab solution that allows you to:

  • Get started on your virtual lab project right away! No more waiting for the infrastructure, compute, storage etc. and purchase approvals from many departments
  • Unleash Amazon EC2 on your business users through a policy governed self service environment (multiple users and teams can access the same EC2 infrastructure through the same underlying AWS account – each of the users and teams can be policy, quota and lease driven – isn’t that nice?)

Key Features of the Beta Release Include:

  • Creation and management of multi-machine configurations: enabling the combination of multiple Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) into a single environment and providing capabilities to entirely automate the deployment and re-deployment of multi-machine environments (including software stack customizations) in a self-service fashion;
  • Full virtual lab tool capabilities: tapping into powerful virtual lab management capabilities including user/team management, license management and lease management, and enabling users/teams to share/collaborate with lab artifacts, audit trails and access to a centralized repository of software media;
  • On-demand access to virtual lab resources: allowing for immediate access to computing infrastructure resources over the web from any location; and,
  • Pay-for-what-you-use pricing model: leveraging the elasticity of the cloud allows customers to reduce up front capital expenditures by instantly scaling up or scaling down the lab infrastructure when required, and only paying for what is used.

VMLogix is the only vendor in the market to offer users the flexibility to run their virtual lab on private infrastructure (while enabling private clouds) or on public infrastructure (while leveraging public clouds).

VMLogix management solutions help manage and bridge private and public clouds

VMLogix management solutions help manage and bridge private and public clouds

Get Started on the LabManager-Cloud Edition Beta Program Right Now!

You can sign up for our LabManager-Cloud Edition beta program on our website.

Resources Related to the Beta

Demo Movie

Here is a demo movie that shows the LabManager-Cloud Edition in action.

Stay tuned, over the next few days I’ll talk more about the solution. In the meantime, go get your hands on the beta!

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Upcoming VMLogix LabManager Functionality

June 22, 2009

VMLogix is continually innovating and developing features and functionality to create the next generation of virtual machine management software. I’ve captured a set of functionality that we are developing as part of VMLogix LabManager to give you a sneak preview of what’s coming in the next few months. Take a look at:

Both of these are secure artifacts on our website and you will need to register on our site prior to getting access to these.

As you look through these planned features, you will find that:

  • VMLogix continues in its efforts to support the best in class, most flexible and lowest TCO virtual lab management solution in the market
  • VMLogix continues in its effort to support a hypervisor neutral virtual lab management solution in the market
  • VMLogix continues in its effort to develop and innovate on virtual lab management product functionality

Any questions, do drop us a note. Once you have taken a look at these features, if you would like to schedule an early demonstration, don’t hesitate to drop us a note! You can contact us at

Combined with our recent foray to develop a virtual lab solution on the public cloud, VMLogix continues to stay ahead in the virtual lab management game.

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VMLogix Virtual Lab Automation Solution for Education Institutes and Universities

June 18, 2009

As part of the VMLogix education program, Universities and education institutes worldwide can now get access to a free copy of the award winning VMLogix LabManager solution.

VMLogix LabManager is a powerful virtual lab management solution that enables IT administrators to use any of the leading virtualization platforms to consolidate virtual lab infrastructures and enables end users (i.e., students) to gain access to lab infrastructure in a policy controlled, automated and self service manner. You can refer to the case studies to learn more about the uses of VMLogix LabManager specifically in development/test labs and training labs.

What Universities Get

  • VMLogix LabManager license at no cost (enabled for 1 year) for the latest GA release of VMLogix LabManager. There will be no cap on the number of managed hosts.
  • A waiver of the support and maintenance fees for the first year. Complementary access to VMLogix product support for the first year (access to limited support will only be provided).
  • As part of this program, VMLogix LabManager can be used to manage hosts running VMware (ESX) or Microsoft (Hyper-V) virtualization technologies.

VMLogix does require that the University representative commit to serve as a reference customer.

How to Request a Free Copy for Your University

  1. You/an appropriate representative from the University should contact VMLogix sales ( ) to request for a free license. The email needs to come from a valid university email address (.edu for instance)
  2. VMLogix sales will respond with instructions on how to download the product bits (along with a deployment guide and other product documentation) and with a license key for the software

If you have any further questions, do contact us at –

Make Your Request Now – This offer is open only for a limited number of participating Universities!

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Leveraging Virtual Labs for Software Sales and Demonstrations

June 5, 2009
A Subset of VMLogix LabManager use cases for the software demo virtual lab scenario

A Subset of VMLogix LabManager use cases for the software demo virtual lab scenario

Also see the previous post for the use cases for lab administrators.

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