VMLogix Virtual Lab Automation Solution for Education Institutes and Universities

As part of the VMLogix education program, Universities and education institutes worldwide can now get access to a free copy of the award winning VMLogix LabManager solution.

VMLogix LabManager is a powerful virtual lab management solution that enables IT administrators to use any of the leading virtualization platforms to consolidate virtual lab infrastructures and enables end users (i.e., students) to gain access to lab infrastructure in a policy controlled, automated and self service manner. You can refer to the case studies to learn more about the uses of VMLogix LabManager specifically in development/test labs and training labs.

What Universities Get

  • VMLogix LabManager license at no cost (enabled for 1 year) for the latest GA release of VMLogix LabManager. There will be no cap on the number of managed hosts.
  • A waiver of the support and maintenance fees for the first year. Complementary access to VMLogix product support for the first year (access to limited support will only be provided).
  • As part of this program, VMLogix LabManager can be used to manage hosts running VMware (ESX) or Microsoft (Hyper-V) virtualization technologies.

VMLogix does require that the University representative commit to serve as a reference customer.

How to Request a Free Copy for Your University

  1. You/an appropriate representative from the University should contact VMLogix sales (sales@vmlogix.com ) to request for a free license. The email needs to come from a valid university email address (.edu for instance)
  2. VMLogix sales will respond with instructions on how to download the product bits (along with a deployment guide and other product documentation) and with a license key for the software

If you have any further questions, do contact us at – info@vmlogix.com

Make Your Request Now – This offer is open only for a limited number of participating Universities!

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