More Testimonials From Our Customers and Prospects

“VMLogix provided us the lowest TCO virtual lab solution with the best returns on our investment while providing advanced management capabilities around guest virtual machine automation. The multiple hypervisor support offered by VMLogix LabManager ensured that our organization was not trapped under any one particular hypervisor platform vendor. Being a specialist in the virtual lab automation space, we fully expect VMLogix to be a continued product leader with greater flexibility and faster product release cycles.” – Kalle Launiala, CEO, ProtonIT

“The advanced automation capabilities available in LabManager was a key decision criteria for us to choose VMLogix over competing products available in the market. VMLogix has delivered great value to us this far and we will be exploring the option of replicating the success with LabManager across multiple internal departments that need access to virtual labs. I’d also add that it has been a wonderful experience working with the VMLogix team – their individual attention and customer care shown has been immensely valuable to us.” – Tony Truong, Project Lead, Midmark Diagnostics Group

“This has been an outstanding first experience with VMLogix support. While a demo of the support experience is not the goal of any product evaluation the fact that we now have firsthand knowledge of the level of support we can expect as customers further adds to our confidence level as we proceed with our evaluation.— A Prospect Currently Evaluating the VMLogix Solution

“We chose VMLogix over competing products because of the fine grained resource management flexibility and for the ease of product installation and ongoing maintenance all available at a very attractive total cost of ownership. VMLogix also provided us several nuance management capabilities (e.g., job timeout for lab management, role operations, persona controls for every lab resource etc.) – which clearly indicated to us that the lab management solution was well thought through and delivered as a product.” – Scott Hudson, Systems Administrator, Trimble

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