Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds

February 15, 2010

We recently heard a great keynote by Steve Herrod of VMware. He was speaking at the 2010 VMware Partner Exchange on VMware’s technology roadmap. Here at VMLogix we completely agree with their vision of a hybrid cloud (also described at VMworld 2009), where the focus is on a user-centric IT model with the same user interface (their Project Redwood…stay tuned to hear about VMLogix’s forthcoming alternative) for both private cloud and public cloud environments so that there’s a frictionless transition between them.

Herrod also talked about VMware’s Lab Manager product as paving the way for VMware’s foray into delivering private clouds. Our VMLogix LabManager product is definitely a solution that transforms a virtualized data center into a private cloud – ours is just being delivered to pre-production users, like developers and testers. Which brings us to the question, what actually makes a private cloud and how is it different from just having virtualized servers? As Herrod discussed, a private cloud allows IT to establish policies on which users can access what resources. And once those policies have been established, a private cloud lets IT step out of the way and allows users to access these resources in a self-service, transactional fashion. The important distinction between a private cloud and a virtualized data center is that in a private cloud a) resources are abstracted from the user; b) users can access those resources in a self-service manner; and c) consumption of resources is metered.

For more information on what VMLogix believes cloud computing technology can enable for users, check out our “Introduction to Cloud Computing” white paper:


Banner Year for VMLogix

February 1, 2010

We just publicly announced the great progress we made in 2009…the results speak for themselves: Doubled Revenue, Doubled Customer Count, Announced a Strategic OEM Relationship with Citrix, and Introduced our LabManager – Cloud Edition.

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