InfoWorld and Virtualization Review Analyses of Lab Management Solutions

June 22nd marks the one year anniversary of our supporting both private and public clouds, and we are constantly excited and intrigued by how the market is embracing and using this technology.  As interest increases and more enterprises look to virtual lab automation to help them manage their cloud deployments, product reviewers are also taking a closer look. To this end, VMLogix recently participated in product reviews with InfoWorld and Virtualization Review:

InfoWorld’s Andrew Binstock reviewed the main contenders in the virtual lab management space and reviewed our on-premise solution, VMLogix LabManager.  Binstock was “favorably impressed” with LabManager – giving it an 8.3 rating which places it in the ‘very good’ category – and mentions that our roadmap includes plans to release a hybrid cloud solution in the upcoming months. You can read the full review of virtual lab managers here.

Rick Vanover, who pens the ‘Everyday Virtualization’ blog over at Virtualization Review, has been kicking the tires of our cloud solution, VMLogix LabManagerCE. Rick finds that in addition to the virtual lab management functionality, LabManagerCE is “easier than using Amazon Web Services to launch EC2 AMI instances through tools like ElasticFox or just using the Web portal directly.”

Check out Rick’s post and comment on what you think of cloud-based lab management here.


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