VMLogix gives free licenses to Higher Ed

December 9, 2009

Campus Technology picked up the recent VMLogix offering of free LabManager licenses to Higher Education and Learning Institues. Read the full article at: http://campustechnology.com/articles/2009/12/03/vmlogix-gives-free-licenses-to-higher-ed.aspx

You can get all of the details of the program and submit your request at the VMLogix Education Portal: http://www.vmlogix.com/VMLogix-Virtual-Lab-Automation-Solution-for-Education-Institutes-and-Universities/%20


2010 Predictions at VMblog.com

December 8, 2009

David at VMblog has posted predicitons from VMLogix Founder and CTO Ravi Gururaj who thinks that 2010 will bring the growth and adoption of multiple hypervisors, and will see hybrid clouds adopted by the enterprise. Read the full article at http://vmblog.com/archive/2009/12/01/vmlogix-gazes-into-the-virtualization-and-cloud-crystal-ball-for-2010.aspx